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11 Jan
Welcome! Jelly
Welcome to Complex FTB!
Thank you for choosing our server to play on! In order to join in on the fun, you will have to install one of our supported modpacks.
Below there is a list of useful information about the website, including important links, the donation store, and much more.
If you have any questions or issues feel free to make a forum post by simply
clicking here!

Our Modpacks and IP Addresses
Click a pack's name to install it!
Terra Nova tn.mc-complex.com
Enigmatica 2: Expert e2e.mc-complex.com
Antimatter Chemistry ac.mc-complex.com
MC.Eternal mce.mc-complex.com
VoidPack 2 vp2.mc-complex.com
Advanced Wizardry aw.mc-complex.com
Wizard Academy wa.mc-complex.com
SkyFactory 3 sf3.mc-complex.com
SkyFactory 4 sf4.mc-complex.com
Project Ozone 3 po3.mc-complex.com
Direwolf20 dw20.mc-complex.com
FTB Revelation rev.mc-complex.com
Stoneblock 2 sb2.mc-complex.com
Ultimate: Reloaded ult.mc-complex.com
Infinity Evolved ie.mc-complex.com

Banned Items & Rules
To access the banned items and rules spreadsheet, click here!

Suggestions and Bug Reports
If you have any suggestions for us, simply click here to make a forum post about it!
If you'd like to post a bug report, click here to make a forum post about it!
Thank you for all of your inspiring suggestions and great ideas!

Staff Applications
(Current Status: Open)
Are you interested in becoming part of the Complex-Gaming staff team? Well, look directly above to see if we are currently accepting new staff applicants!
If we are, simply
click here to fill out the form!

Click here to join our Discord!

Click here to visit our donation store!

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Anyone know what the cooldown is for giving staff rep on discord?
Trying to solve some latency issues. HMU if you know anything about that stuff.

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