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Recent content by FortgunzCG

  1. FortgunzCG

    Pokemon Name Game: Round 4

  2. FortgunzCG


    Hey peeps! I wanted to let everyone here know to please put you suggestions inside our discord Click Here, as usually more players will see it there, than here. We are adding a bunch of the suggestions submitted by all of you as well, you can learn more about this in our announcements tab in...
  3. FortgunzCG

    Pokemon Name Game: Round 4

    Its a new month, and a new game. RULES Rules for those who don't know: Point of the game: Say a Pokemon starting with the last letter of the previous Pokemon. The game is over when a Pokemon is repeated or the game cannot continue! Ready, set go. Cosmog
  4. FortgunzCG

    Global Ranks for Pixelmon

    this has been suggested several times.
  5. FortgunzCG

    Battle Pyramid, Endgame Content?

    This has been added via /showdown
  6. FortgunzCG

    Stat IV Modifier

    Bottle caps have been added to the colored servers via fishing with pro rods, this does the same thing as the suggestion holds
  7. FortgunzCG

    World Bosses!!!

    has since be added
  8. FortgunzCG

    Safari zone in Diamond/Pearl

    do you mean like this should be added to the colored servers?
  9. FortgunzCG

    Item Shop for pokemon held items

    you should be able to do this with /pokemart
  10. FortgunzCG

    This is unreal!

    This has been suggested several times. you will see a change log in our discord once an update on this is made
  11. FortgunzCG

    Add a Pokemon tournament and winner will be the champion

    This is now a feature with showdown Read more on are discord about the showdown feature
  12. FortgunzCG

    /brtp should not go on cool down if a biome is not found.

    We do actively know about this bug and are actively looking into it.
  13. FortgunzCG


    They are higher spawn rates @ /warps on colored & /team base & /warp safari on rivals
  14. FortgunzCG


    what would be the reason for needing a professer npc if I may ask
  15. FortgunzCG

    gym leader of multiple gyms

    You can be a gym leader on 2 different servers, however its 1 gym per server.