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Recent content by KingJay

  1. KingJay

    claimed land

    Next time you log in you will be at your claim :) Please be sure to set a home with /sethome name
  2. KingJay

    Build/Claim Permissions 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I believe you are in the admin world. You will need to do /rtp to go to the player world
  3. KingJay

    Is there a place I can farm bossess?

    You can find alot of bosses if you just kill mons at a pixelmon spawner. ALot of people use /warp ocean. How ever these dont really spawn mega bosses. For mega bosses your best luck would be staying on a platform until one spawns
  4. KingJay

    Unable to join Pixelmon Emerald

    What exactly is the error/issue you see when trying to join
  5. KingJay


    Click here to head over to our ban appeal section to make a ban appeal. You will be contacted on here if it gets accepted or not
  6. KingJay

    Anyone else having this problem?

    We were experiences some connection issues. I believe for the most part they are fixed.
  7. KingJay

    Legendary Pokemon

    Legends spawn every 6hours with a chance for a random one to spawn every 2-6 hours! You can check when the last legend was with the /ll command
  8. KingJay

    Pixelmon 7.2.2 update : bug report

    Thank you for reporting this bug! they are being looked into to be fixed. We have no current ETA
  9. KingJay

    Why does this happen

    I would suggest re-downloading the modpack If that doesn't help try updating your graphics drivers. If the issue persist please let us know
  10. KingJay

    Ultra Beast despawning

    Hello, i believe this bug has been fixed! if you encounter it again or any other bugs for that matter please make a ticket on our discord!
  11. KingJay

    BP "status" bugged

    Hello! Our bp list are based off of smogon sets, And for tailow, smogon has a Timid set which would require 31 Spa not Atk. Same goes for nidoqueen, Her set is for a Modest Spa set. Nidoking is a Spa timid set. To see what sets are considered Bp Please do /pricelist in game, at the bottom of...
  12. KingJay

    Lost Rank

    Hi! I’m sorry to hear that you seemed to have lost your rank. Please make a ticket on our discord https://discordapp.com/invite/complexpixel so we can help you further