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  1. slxnro
  2. Jorbann
  3. Jorbann
  4. datpeen84
    datpeen84 XDKTC
    hey man! check ya dms
  5. WindwartDrop90
    I've returned to tekkit and looking fowards on meeting you all!
  6. zerofun
    zerofun XDKTC
    hey. my little brother was rude to admin. im very sorry about that. i want to ask if there is a possibility that i can get un banned.
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  7. 4savage4
    4savage4 XDKTC
    Hey im not sure where i should go but i lost my alchemical bag and i lost all my stuff. its me 4Savage4 from a few days back
    1. XDKTC
      ^ this was resolved on discord
      Apr 16, 2019
  8. Mitchell Haines
    Mitchell Haines
    If anyone needs a builder to build you a house just message me on discord TragiicIgnite#1519
  9. Jason Brownlee
    Jason Brownlee
    Probably listening to music.
  10. please_unmod_jcross666
    Hey can we please unmod jcross666? he's corrupt as hell and mutes everyone for having fun.
    1. XDKTC
      Don't do stupid shit don't win stupid prizes. you're the retard edging out there to be "banned" per your own words.
      (Player) Erasic > My goal here is to get banned
      Feb 1, 2019
  11. Arwik
    I just applied to the web site. So hello all
  12. Bryant The Dalek
  13. BenHowells1
    Hi I’m trying to join server and it won’t let me connect to the server keeps saying “bad login” can anyone help?
  14. NinjaB
    Hi my name's Keigan, but you can call me Ninja as per my username (ninja_bretsky) on the Tekkit server, feel free to talk to me :D I'm great
  15. EpicArth
    This could be interesting
  16. Mr_Krraz
    Check out my Builders Suggestion on Suggest Us forums
  17. WillB888842888
    Playing on Tekkit server
  18. Aironas11
    is there any staff online?
  19. Aironas11
  20. Aironas11
    Aironas11 Thomas
    are you online?