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Better/More Team Mines


New member
Gym Leader
The Team Mines is easily one of my favorite features involving teams within the rival's servers. You get the ability to make money relatively quickly, all for reaching the first rank of your team. However, even on the newest server, Ruby, there is a small problem with the Team Mines. The problem is that so many players have access to the team mines to where they are occasionally impossible to use. Furthermore, some players feel the need to be incredibly rude within the Team Mines, more particularly those who have obtained a God Pickaxe, by rudely dropping into a mine that someone else is using and mining the whole mine out right beneath their feet. Now, how can we fix both of these two issues at the same time? Better and more Team Mines. What would this entail? Adding access to a team mine at each level of the Team's Rank system, progressively getting better and better until Executive Rank (better meaning more ore, less cobble/gravel). This gives further incentive to get up to Executive Rank, reduces the ability for players to be rude in the mines, and adds additional mines for others to use as a reward for getting to their respective ranks. Also, to further reward donors for either purchasing a rank of Elite or higher or purchasing a God Pick, creating a special Donor's Mining Area would give further incentive to purchase such items from the donor store. This rewards the players for their hard work, for playing on the server, and for supporting the server, which is only a win-win situation for everyone.