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Can't install

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New member
"Error unzipping a file from the following pack: Complex Gaming - Pixelmon

Attempting to extract file complex-pixelmon-reforged-7.2.0.zip, but it did not exist.

Please consult the modpack author."



New member
I had the same problem, get Minecraft Forge, install Pixelmon towards the mods folder. i do have discord so i can send you the mods that are from the technic pack
Feel Free to message me if you have any issues! :D


New member
Thanks, I messaged an admin on discord and they got back to me quickly, said the same that I should use forge for now and that they were trying to fix the problem. I was able to install forge and get it working and use it today but it is now working again on technic... Although I have lost all my journey map progress. :'(


Hi Stefanos,

I'm sorry to hear that you were having trouble using Forge to play on our server. If Forge is proving to be difficult to utilize from your end, I'd suggest downloading the Technic Launcher and utilizing our Modpack on there as it is much easier to navigate and use (in my opinion). However, I've listed two guides below that will explain some troubleshooting solutions that may help you for both Forge and our Technic Launcher:
Use this guide if you are having trouble downloading the Launcher/Modpack: http://troubleshoot.mc-complex.com/
Use this guide to learn how to allocate more RAM: http://ram.mc-complex.com/
If these two guides do not address your specific problem, please feel free to let us know your issue on our forums or by creating a ticket in the #help-and-support channel of our Discord and we will help you as soon as we can!

Not open for further replies.