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Complex Pixelmon Money Guide

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Early game gaining money method:

Method 1: /hunt
Doing /hunt, completing /hunt gives you some money + rare candies + some Pokeball (different types of ball). This method is quite easy but requires dedication and some lucks, basically catching the pokemon in /hunt with the correct nature listed will let you get the rewards.

Method 2: Fighting wild pokemon
Mass defeating wild pokemon + pokemon with the ability Pickup in your party.
This method is the easiest to gain incomes, just by defeating wild boss or wild pokemon gives u a sum of money, you can get more money by selling the drops from the pokemon. If you invest yourself into some pokemon with Pickup ability, you can get even more money with this method. Pickup is an ability where the pokemon will have chance to get items in your inventory if they are not holding an item. if u have 6 pokemon with pickup ability in your party, you have chance to get good loot to sell. Just get your pokemon with Pickup ability to level 81 to get the best tier of loot(require rare candies investment but you can bypass this tedious investment by doing /hunt)
https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special_drops <<- Link to tier drops you can get with Pickup ability.

Method 3: Pokestops.
One of the most easiest method to get income. Our server has Pokestops like Pokemon Go which will give you various items. You can sell the items you get from the pokestops to npc at /warp pokemart for money, Proteins, healing item etc sell the most, so don't throw them away :D . Pokestops are located at /spawn, /warp battletowers, and every server gym's pokemart. you can get easy access to pokestops everytime if you spent a little bit of your time finding them, once you found them, you can /sethome (name) in front of the pokestops so you don't have to find them every time you do a pokestops run. Example: /sethome c1 , /sethome c2 <<- to go to various pokestops.

Method 4: Mining / fossils
Easy method, easy money, sell the ores you mined to any npc at /warp pokemart. Fossils, you can find wild fossils on the ocean floor at any Deep Ocean biome, fortune enchantment works on fossil ores too so you may get more than 1 fossils per ore. Then you want to clean the fossils you got with a fossil cleaner, then sell the fossils to any npc at /warp pokemart(You can use free fossil cleaner at /warp pokelab)

Method 5: Completing Pokedex.
Completing Pokedex will reward you with quite a large sum of money, go to /warp ranks to check out the rewards! (Notes: Dex trading to complete Pokedex will be severely punished)

Method 6: /vote
Voting and get you vote keys which you can open them at /warp crates. You can get rare item, booster,various Pokeballs, HM, other crate keys, tokens,rare candies, claimblocks, money etc from vote crates. So don't forget to /vote. You can left click a crate to check out the rewards.

Method 7: /bingo
/bingo is a minigame (sort of) where you catch the pokemon in /bingo, you get rewards. Completing 1 line gives you rewards, completing the whole /bingo gives you better MORE rewards. Want to know what rewards? Find it out yourself :)

Late game gaining money method:

Method 1: Breeding
Breeding may be complicated and confusing at first but once you get the idea and basic, you can make/breed your own BP(battle perfect) and BPHA(Battle perfect + hidden ability).
It may be big investment, but the results are delightful. You can either make your own BP by using the pokemon you caught from /hunt(as they get increased ivs) or buy BP form other players and use it to breed/make new BP. You can get wild HA pokemon with a pokemon with Trace ability instead of catching random pokemon into your PC(Waste of pokeballs/money and time). Example of pokemon that has Trace ability is Ralts, etc.
Be sure to check out /pricelist if you decide to sell or buy anything.

Method 2: Clan gym
Clan gym are gyms that clans compete each other to that ownership of certain clan gyms which you can find on /warps -> ClanGyms. Owning clan gyms will get you rewards which you can sell for money. you will receive the rewards every clan tax collection time(8 hours). The clan that holds the clan gym for the longest time gets the rewards. Tedious and a lot effort to be invested by the outcome is very rewarding.

This is just a simple guide for players in general regardless new/old/experienced, hope this guide can help you to get more money.
- Made by fung99
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