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Legendary Pokemon / Biomes


New member
Hi, I'm new to Pixelmon and have been playing on the Diamond Server the past couple days. My question is two parts:

1. Do Legendaries spawn in the servers warp point biomes or out in the wild where players claim land and build homes or both?

2. When the message that a legendary has appeared in (BLANK) Biome, are we able to warp to that specific Biome?


Staff Member
1) Legendaries can only spawn in wild biomes and cannot spawn in admin warps
2) The pokemon always spawns on a given player that just so happens to be in said biome. The pokemon also spawns with something called legend protection which makes it so that the person the legendary spawned on is the only one who can catch it for 5 minutes. All in all, it is possible, but hard to do unless coords are given out after the protection period ends