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Legendary Spawning


New member
So don't read the title and think I'm about to complain about the server. I genuinely really enjoy playing and enjoy all the features of the server.

I do want to suggest two ideas that I think might make catching legendaries a bit more fun for a casual player like me. I haven't been playing very long, but I have managed to catch about 68% of my Pokedex. Thing is, during that time I've never once even been close a legendary (besides the bird trio). Some of the legendaries are super cool and I'd love to have a chance to catch them. At the current rate it seems unlikely I will get the chance.

So my first idea was to switch legendary spawning from server-wide to individual based. As I understand it, currently the spawn rate for legendaries is once every 7 hours with one random spawn in-between. I don't think that is a bad rate at all. It does make it feel rare and special. However, one issue that happens is that when it spawns it randomly selects a player on the server to spawn near. I've noticed this sometimes means it spawns near an AFK player, or just someone not paying attention and it ends up despawning. I don't play more that about 2 hours every other day. So each time a legendary despawns it just means I have to wait 2 days and hope it won't happen again.
However, if it were individually based you could make a longer spawn timer once every 24 hours or like 10% chance every 4 hours. Since it would be per player, every player would get a chance at some point to catch a legendary. I do admit I have no idea how the coding would work for it but it's just an idea.

My second idea is that if the legendary spawn timer didn't change. It might help to have a specific area legendaries will spawn in. Instead of randomly anywhere in the world having a legendary spawn area where players could wait for the spawn would cut down on despawns. Now I do know that it would make a huge competition between players to get to the legendary first. However, that already kinda exists; but right now casual players don't really stand much of a chance. This legendary spawn area could even have a Pokedex restriction to keep new players from bogging down the area.

Anyway, those are my ideas. I'm gunna still keep playing but these are things that I thought would make legendaries more fun. I do want to say that I don't know what it takes to run a server and so I won't pretend to know how hard these suggestions might be. Again just thought I would share some ideas.

TLDR: Idea to change the way Legendaries spawn to appeal to more casual players.


New member
I think your first idea is a great idea. However, the idea that legendaries spawn only in certain areas does not seem very optimal. I think that would create more problems than it would solve. About the idea that legendaries are individual based... I think you idea is in the right direction, but I think it would cause people to jut have a bunch of alts afking to wait for legendary spawn. Thus, I think it should stay the way it is, and add something(sorta quest like) where if you complete enough tasks(not very hard tasks, but a decent amount), you have a chance to get a random legendary spawn. I think this is good because it awards people for jut playing the game, but it does not allow people to jut afk for legendaries if that makes sense.


New member
My idea is it checks to see if the player is AFK (with the AFK timer), and if they are, a legendary can't spawn on them. But I do agree, I've got more than 72 hours on the server, and I haven't even come close to catching a naturally spawning legendary, it always either spawns on an AFK person, or it's caught by one of the same five people


New member
I'd love to see a "10% chance every 4 hours" type thing for individuals. I think they'd balance it well and it'd work out for the casual player better. But yes, 100%, they should not let the lg spawn on an "___ is AFK" afk person, I've seen 5 legendaries in a row spawn on afk people and it's such a waste of a legendary spawn