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Pokemon in PC dissapeared

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New member
I haven't played on this server for a couple months but I looked in my PC and some pokemon were missing, I don't exactly know which ones they were but I knew they were some fossil pokemon I got and also my shiny phanpy. What do I do? Is there any way to get them back or are they just gone? I think I left while a fossil was incubating so that might be the reason but that pokemon is gone too.


Staff Member
Hey Cheesemaster777,

I'm sorry to hear that some of your pokemon are missing from your PC. Unfortunately, in order to refund these pokemon, we will need a screenshot of those missing pokemon that were in your PC. As you mentioned that you haven't played on the server for a couple of months, please note that some servers have had a full restart in the past couples months. The last restarts for each respective server are listed below for your convenience:
Red - Jul 2nd, 2019
Blue - Dec 30th, 2019
Yellow - May 3rd, 2019
Crystal - Jul 5th, 2019
Gold - Nov 29th, 2019
Silver - Sep 21st, 2019
Emerald - Jun 8th, 2019
Sapphire - Jul 17th, 2019
If you do have the said screenshot, please feel free to let us know on our forums or by creating a ticket in the #help-and-support channel of our Discord. We will also answer any of your questions or concerns, if needed. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused you and we will try to help you as best we can.

Not open for further replies.