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Problem logging into the server


New member
I'm just getting back into Pixelmon after a few months and decided to hop onto the server and see what's changed with the update. I'm able to get into the hub just fine, but I try to join any of the Pixelmon servers (Red, Diamond, Scarlet, Violet) and I get stuck on a "Negotiating" screen. I can't back out or anything, I'm stuck on that screen and am forced to quit Minecraft in order to try again.

I'm loading from the Curseforge launcher. I added a few mods for single-player use (including controlling, configured, sophisticated backpacks, etc.) but that's never affected my ability to join the server in the past.

Forge is on v36.2.34, downloaded the updated pack just a few days ago (and ran a full test on my pc to ensure ultimate safety with everything going on). Not sure what could be causing this or what I can do to get past it.