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Server Wipe :)

Valid complaint?

  • Yes, some or all of what you said is valid

  • No, get the f*ck over it

  • I dont care

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New member
Havent played in MONTHS due to law school. I donated to this server because its f*cking awesome. Great mod, great people, great host. Finally getting a chance to play I login and notice everything is gone. Had no idea this server reset everything. Idk if im being a karen but I am livid, I spent HOURS building my base, catching my team and I literally only had 3 badges because I do not have time to play like I did when I was in high school. For a mod that is this time consuming, Wipes should reset buildings, items even, sure.. but my entire pokedex? I spent a ludicrous amount of time HA and shiny hunting and breeding. I just can't imagine me getting back into this knowing that everything I did was for nothing and the little I can do will just be erased soon.

There's a ton of ways to clear up old unused buildings and plots and to keep the kids engaged. I'm probably being a Karen but f*ck me this is aggravating.