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Smelt wand made my items disappear


New member

I purchased a smelt wand from the gts and used it on my valuable chest, which i have done a few times before, sadly instead of smelting the ores it made all my items disappear apart from stone shards.

not sure how helpful this image is but that's what I was left with2023-06-05_15.15.05.png

I lost quite a lot of valuables as i recently finished a quarry mine but i roughly had 25 diamonds, 2 stacks of iron, 1 stack of bauxite/aluminum, 3 stacks of coal, 32 Gold, 2 stacks of lapis, 3 stacks of red stone, i also had some of the pixelmon ores and gems but not worth much to me.

Any help would be much appreciated as i have spent quite a lot of my weekend mining

Many thanks,