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Antigod and Complex Guidelines

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**Anti-god and Complex restrictions/guidelines**

Hello everyone ,
For the sake of repeating ourselves constantly I thought it was about time to put these down as a hard
copy for everyone to browse. There are a few extra guidelines / restrictions on what you can and cannot
do given the new found powers you have aquired.

Everything from gamemode , time , broadcast are all personal use not at the request of other players !

Being in gamemode while placing or breaking world anchors will cause the anchor system to register falsely.
be sure you are in survival mode when placing or breaking anchors please.

**Time Changing**
If you or someone else change the servers time the next time cycle needs to happen naturally.
IE: you cannot keep the server constant day/night.

**Spawning Items**

Complex users , If you need one or two items clicking on items in the NEI menu to spawn them is perfectly fine.
Keep in mind every item you click will notify staff members in game what you are spawning thus spamming them if you go overboard.
if you need alot of an item use the command /i itemID amount
example : /i 1 10000 for 10k cobble via one command

You may not spawn items to sell to players or ores to the sellshops.
You cannot build things for other players while in creative regardless of being offered game cash or not.
If you are in a team you cannot give your team any items at all from creative it is strictly personal use only.
this includes dumping a ton of items into chests for them to use.

Scenario 1 > You may build a factory for yourself/personal use while in gamemode.
what the factorys end product is you may sell !

You may not use broadcast to chit chat/ respond to conversations in public chat with.
Broadcast is there for you to advertise your /shop or /warp from time to time IE once every 10m would be sufficient
and not spammy.

if in doubt of any of these items or scenarios not mentioned seen an admin/sr-admin or above for clarification.
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