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Elaboration on some of the rules for Survival

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[1] No Hacked Clients (No Exceptions).

Bit self-explanatory If you are fly/speed hacking around you will be punished. Buy yourself a Swiftwolf Rending Gale (flying ring)

[2] Do not place more than 10 Spawners in a mob farm.
Spawners won't drop EMC if you are within a certain range from the spawner (50 blocks if not mistaken) The problem with this is the number of entities that gets created with more than 10 in a mob trap.

[3] Do not attempt duplication glitches (Report them).
Come on folks, it is Tekkit you have EMC and Condensers to use pretty much get you anything you need without resorting to cheating.

[4] No abusing any server bugs (Report them).
If you believe you have found a bug someone can replicate to cheat ahead of everyone else please DM an admin in-game or on discord and report what you have found.

[5] Be respectful towards staff and other players.
Common courtesy goes a long way not only towards your fellow players but towards staff we are all human. Conduct yourselves accordingly and everyone will remain happy.

[6] No intentional lagging of the server.
Breaking 20-30 Condensers full of items knowing the number of entities that pop out of them in doing so will cause problems.
This also includes spamming of laggy items such as the R function on either of the lens'.

[7] Keep caps to a minimum.
This is simply due to it being obnoxious to type in full caps and it clutters/spams the screen as well.

[8] No overuse of curse/vulgar words.
Cursing on the server is fine to a point, if you are asked to tone it down/calm yourself please do so.

[9] No spamming chat.
This kind of thing will get you a warning, more annoying then anything, there is no real reason to sit there spamming random things to get attention.

[10] No use of curse/vulgar words towards players or staff
Self-explanatory but, example below.
Example: (Player) Tom: Floa you are an asshole.
Staff in this case, however, staff or player the principal is the same. This type of situation only leads to starting trouble, fights and such in chat.

[11] No drop parties.
"TP to me at spawn for free stuff" or randomly dropping stuff all over spawn for someone to pick up. If you do not want certain items or do not want to bother selling them to players just toss them in lava.

[12] No advertising other Products/Sites/Servers.
"Hey let's go play on XXyZ Tekkit [Link]"
"Hey XXyZ Tekkit is better [Link]"

[13] No stealing or scamming.
You may not steal items from anyone's property if you are within 20 blocks of their claim. Grab yourself a stick and check to be sure you are not within 20 blocks of a claim before you go about taking unclaimed items.
Also, you may not go around scamming players "Hey I have X item for $value" taking the money then running off without giving them the item you were paid for.

[14] English only in main chat.
Anything other than the English spoken/written language please take it to /msg private messages. This is not because we don't want foreign players on the server as we have no issue with them, it is due to the fact that we can't moderate what we don't speak so, for example, a player could be disrespecting staff or plotting to give free items and we wouldn't know about it.

[15] No giving out free items / Including Money.
Survival has a no free items policy (including money) Along with this, we have minprices at which you can sell items for.
Do /discord in-game and head over to #survival-min-prices for a text-based list that you can see the value of items.
Items must be sold at these prices or higher, but not below the listed price. If a price is not listed please ask staff for assistance.
Along those similar lines, you may not sell 1 dirt for an obscene value to try to skirt the rules. Dirt's value is $1 in game. Likewise, you may not go around " hey free items in spawn TP to me. "

EXCEPTION to free items policy If your cousin, brother, uncle or a close friend play's with you, LIVING with you in the same base together on the server you may give them items. We have caught a number of you adding players to your /trust list and saying they live with you to skirt these rules we will check. In order for the exception to be valid, they must have their only base with you in game, as soon as they move away and do their own thing you may no longer give them items.

[16] No offensive company names.
This is aimed at either Towny names or faction tags.

[17] No spacing out words! / Cluttered Words.

[18] Do not type cluttered words without spaces!

[19] No AFK pools.
This includes any machines or devices designed to bypass the AFK kick timer.

[20] No Intentional world/terrain griefing!
You may do as you please within your own claimed land make it a giant hole if you wish. if you are just going around catalytic lens mining random spots in the world for no apparent reason you may end up with a terrain griefing citation. This is to prevent the life of the map which will limit the number of resets we need to do due to running out of usable space.

[21] No bypassing the timer limits in place.
This by definition means you can not use anything other than a timer to make any Redstone circuit tick faster than your lowest timer speed.
Default timer settings are 3 secs if you wish to reduce the timer lower then this value then you will need to purchase the in-game perk using /perk info timerspeed.
Attempting to bypass this using a Redstone repeater clock or a computer is an example of what not to do.

[22] Do not build /steal / destroy anything closer than 20 blocks to an already claimed area.
Check with a stick to be sure you are not building your new base within 20 blocks of someone else's claimed land. Overcrowding an area becomes quite a problem when someone else is wishing to expand their claimed land. An exception to this is if you have that person's permission.
Including theft/destroying building ect.

[23] Do not sell items below minprice!
Head to /warp minprices or do /discord in-game and check #survival-min-prices and check the min value for which you can sell an item. If an item is not listed then you can either do the items EMCx0.025 or if it uses other items add up their minprices to find the price of it. Feel free to speak to a staff member for help in its value.

[24] If the staff say it is a rule, please do not argue.
Rules change time to time and need updating as we add or amend them. Quoting "It's not in the /rules" is just trying to start an argument. We are fair people and if you believe your violating a rule is an accident we will hear you out.
If it is something recent we have implemented and just not added yet to the forum or in-game well we are human and need time to do so.
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