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  1. DorkQueen
    Discord: @DorkQueen#9875
  2. SyrusAlpha
  3. DenishMgr
    DenishMgr Living_383
    Hey can you check my the ban appeal it’s been like 4 days since I updated it thanks
  4. RaiNxD
    When does sapphire reset usually how long!
  5. StormyRay
    First time playing on this pixelmon server and it's a lot of fun. Not everyone is nice on Sapphire but I hope to make some new friends.
  6. DenishMgr
    DenishMgr Living_383
    Can u check my ban appeal please?? I just wanna play
  7. Ryker
    Ryker Hazzaaa
    hello i was wondering how can i become a helper?
  8. Ryker
    Ryker AlmostAdopted
    hello i was wondering how can you become a helper?
  9. SomeBTSBoi
    SomeBTSBoi AlmostAdopted
    hi sorry to bother you
    i was looking for an admin to ask
    i cant get into pixelmon cause it says that someone has my name even though i havent played it in months
    i dont know what else to do hope you can look into it for me
  10. DenishMgr
    DenishMgr AlmostAdopted
    Idk where to make the ban appeal so I’ll just post it here
    IGN: DenishMgr

    Why was I banned? Me and my brother play on the same computer but on different account and it was seen as alt and I got banned so now I can’t even log in the server. If possible can I get unbanned because a good server like this is hard to come by and I spent so much time in it
  11. Link_TJZ
    Loves dogs and tea. Doesn't spill them.
  12. RealBluWolf
    I play on the Sapphire server and i cant get a shulker box out of my inventory. My name is RealBluWolf. Please help it is very annoying
  13. MindlessJoker98
    Finally got round to linking my account up on the webpage woooo
  14. Azurite
    Anyone having Problems with staff App message me on discord and ill post it for you
  15. ThatDuck_
  16. CupMy_Cake
    So I Wanted To Live With A Friend On The Emerald Server And We Were Gonna Do The Trust Command And It Says I Need Permission From An Admin
  17. R0yal
    On the red server, I just had 2 players steal my fossil pokemon I was making and 1 of their names is Strafee and the other starts with joe.
  18. AlmondSloth
    so like how do i do an application for staff?
  19. Ellis Moore
    Ellis Moore tinypigG
    im currently trying to join the complex pixelmon server however, it says there not enough allocated space everytime i try to join ... do you know how to fix this
    1. wrestlerblake
      I ran into this issue as well. If you are using the Technic launcher and you're running a 64bit computer then it is probably not detecting your 64bit minecraft java version. You need to download 1.8.0_221 64bit and then go to the launcher options.
      Aug 1, 2019
    2. wrestlerblake
      Here you will navigate to the java settings and change your minecraft java version to the previously mentioned version. Then change your memory to at least 2GB (I changed mine to 4GB because I had the additional RAM)
      Aug 1, 2019
  20. GreatDed