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  1. Makapaka OMG
  2. Endariana
    Endariana Living_383
    Do I get notified when I was not accepted as a staff or is it only if I am accepted?
  3. Slight_uplift
    Looking to battle your blissey teams
  4. EC_James
  5. Seif
    How kan se play
  6. Salikanini
    Salikanini Seif
    Wil you be my friend?
  7. Isaias Ochoa
    Isaias Ochoa
    how do i apply
  8. Mikyzalles
    Mikyzalles Living_383
    I need help, the discord link doesn't work
    1. Living_383
      Jul 12, 2019
    2. Mikyzalles
      still doesn't work
      Jul 12, 2019
  9. Damune
    Damn i really been on here more than a year now.
  10. Ford
    ive been on the server for a while, just made my forum acc though :C
  11. Jonson snow(lord arooske
  12. HexFeather
    I just made my account :D
  13. Nevanuel
    Nevanuel HairyPotter
    Do you know how long the server will be down for
    1. HairyPotter
      Jun 22, 2019
  14. Jeromegd
    I see people but I can’t join is normal and the eu server dont work
  15. ItsPxnto_
    ItsPxnto_ henjo34
    Yo why cant I Join but I see people on
  16. lando246
    so I can see people on the server, but I myself cannot join, explanation?
  17. fireyeet
    fireyeet danek_budowniczy
    nah, it couldn't have been hacking. when i tried to join the server just now, it said it was just routine maintenance. it even had a little smiley face! i doubt a hacker would lie about it, especially not when they could ask for something rather than say it was maintenance. of course, we can't completely rule out that possibility
    1. danek_budowniczy
      Well Im saying it was a possibly a hacker atack becouse of that thread that was deleted. Where some guy named Email, wanted admins to contact him immidietly or "the price will go up". Could be a trolling for all i know, but its sure looks suspicious
      Jun 21, 2019
  18. FakeIsTheNewReal
    Hello does anybody know whats going on i just came back from school and the server doesnt work is it broken?
    1. Redfox249
      server is down at the moment we are working on getting it back up no eta at the moment
      Jun 21, 2019
      fireyeet likes this.
  19. fireyeet
    fireyeet Amit Levi
    no, but, judging by the fact that nobody is online at all, i would say it's probably a server-wide glitch of some sort, or perhaps maintenance is being performed
  20. Amit Levi
    Amit Levi
    why is the server not working
    1. fireyeet
      server-wide glitch or maintenance, most likely. just play offline until it comes back up
      Jun 21, 2019
    2. danek_budowniczy
      I think the server got hacked
      Jun 21, 2019