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Ban appeal


New member
i have been banned for giving someone a pidgey that was new because they were spamming chat and royale would not help him and did not care to help him so i tried to help him by telling him commands and more i did not get any warning about this and i did it and royale did not say that i would get banned for giving a pidgey that had no value


Staff Member
Please be patient you guys as staff are busy. We will look at them once available. Until then we appreciate your patience! :D


New member
Guys if you know your not supposed to be banned don't even try to do a ban appeal it's been a month since I did my ban appeal and got denied. Ngl I didn't do anything wrong all I did is give 8 million to my brother so he can buy gc ( btw the 8 million was already given to me by My brother) and now I'm perma banned for nothing wrong and you know what's funny it's that the admin still gave all the money back so why perma? Guys don't even if you try your hardest to prove your innocents it won't work they just denie everything you prove