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Keep Plushies on Reset


Staff Member
i understand that some people may lag with plushies being placed down. but can we please get to keep them on reset? all they are is a decoration item and id love to keep all the ones i own because theyre sick! if we do keep them on reset then i will be continuing to purchase them. please keep on reset i beg :))


Trial Mod
Trial Mod
Staff Member
Hello! I am glad you are enjoying the plushies, as are alot of players!

But unfortunately on resets, everything is wiped, Pokemon, In Game Currency, Map, Items, basically everything is wiped clean so players can start fresh, and plushies would fall under items so they would have to be wiped with the server. Plus it would be hard for us to account for EVERY single plushie a player had to accommodate for. The only thing we keep are the donor ranks and command for the server that was wiped.

Thank you for understanding and have a nice day! :D