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22 Feb

The management team at Complex Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of our new Survival map. This map is a revamp from the last map with dozens of bug fixes and new features to keep you guys entertained. Survival will be releasing on the 5th March @ 2PM EST.

Pets - from a range of pets from Baby Ghasts to Wasps, pets are now accessible by using /pets in-game. You can summon, ride, rename, and disguise as pets!
Tags - with over 100 tags possible to be earned and purchased, you can now get a second tag which will go alongside your rank prefix and username!
Emotes - if you've ever wanted to show your emotions in-game, this is an easier and much cooler way! Why not try /emotes when you're online.
Daily Rewards - we are now offering players daily rewards to be claimed for all players, earn better rewards the longer you can keep your streak! This goes up to 31 days at a time.
Tutorial - running /tutorial will provide you with a free reward upon first starting, as well as guiding you around the new server.
Sumo - sumo will occur every 3 hours for players to battle each other out in a sumo arena.
Resource Cavern - who needs mineshafts when you can find all the ores in the resource cavern? Not you! Try out this new warp to mine regenerating ores.
& Much, much more! - We have been putting in masses amounts of time and effort to make sure as many bugs as possible have been fixed. Do any new ones occur? Report them to us and we will have them fixed!

survival reset.png
12 Jan
Welcome to Complex Gaming Vanilla Hazzaaa
Welcome to Complex Vanilla!
Welcome to the Complex Vanilla Forum website! Here, you can discuss topics regarding to Vanilla and the Complex Vanilla server! You may also make Staff Applications, Ban Appeals and Bug reports here on the forums! Please do not hesitate to also use our help and support threads, if you need any assistance on the Complex Vanilla Server!

IP Addresses and Useful Links
US IP hub.mc-complex.com
Click here to join our Discord!

Click here to visit our donation store!

Complex Vanilla is hosting 5 different types of servers! Prison, Creative, Survival, Skyblock, & Factions.
Skyblock and Survival are on Minecraft Java 1.16.3.
Prison and Creative are on Minecraft Java 1.16.4.
Factions is on 1.16.5.
Unfortunately we are only a Java Minecraft server, we do not host or accept any Pocket Edition or Bedrock clients!
Java Edition is downloadable and purchasable at: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/

Suggestions and Bug Reports
If you have any suggestions for us, simply click here to make a forum post about it!
If you'd like to post a bug report, click here to make a forum post about it!
Thank you for all of your inspiring suggestions and great ideas!

Staff Applications
(Current Status: Open)

Are you interested in becoming part of the Complex-Gaming staff team?
Well, look directly above to see if we are currently accepting new staff applicants!
If we are, simply click here to fill out the form!

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