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Complex Vanilla is proud to announce our 1.17 update and reset on Complex Survival on the 24th July. Including a brand new economy, aesthetic and design. Make sure to read this whole post to see what's new on Survival!

Survival 1.17 will be released on the 24th July @ 2PM EST.
Join us at hub.mc-complex.com!

Survival Ruby and Sapphire Merge
With this Survival Reset, Ruby and Sapphire will be merged to create “Survival” as it was previously before the last reset. This is due to a number of reasons, mostly being us able to support the player count on one server instead of two.

All ranks will be transferred back into one server automatically with the exception of people who have ranks on both. If you did have ranks on both Sapphire and Ruby, please open a ticket on the day of release to receive compensation

Minecraft 1.16+ Requirement
This Survival map will also see Minecraft Versions 1.8 - 1.15 support being removed from Survival. While some will disagree with the removal of older versions from our servers, we must continue to move forward and use new features available to us in Minecraft to the fullest. We would also not be able to run a texture pack for this survival server.
We have decided to make this decision as approximately 95% of our current vanilla users already use versions 1.16 and above. We will always recommend the latest version of minecraft for Complex Vanilla Servers, where others will see the same 1.16+ requirement in the future.

Map Size
With this survival server, we have increased the Map Size:
  • Overworld: 30,000 x 30,000
  • Nether: 15,000 x 15,000
  • End: 7,500 x 7,500

Server Redesign (New Spawn & more!)
The Survival Server has been redesigned with a brand-new Aquatic Theme, revolving around Ancient Greek Mythology.

This includes a brand-new Survival Spawn featuring a Poseidon-Kraken battle, shown behind the crates area and throughout the Parkour course at spawn. All messages and holograms have also been given our brand new colour scheme which was applied on Skyblock.

Economy Overhaul
For our new Survival Map, we have reworked the economy to prevent baltop going into the billions within the first week, and has been designed from the ground-up to be sustainable and as grindy as possible.

For returning players, the most noticeable change to the economy for the new survival will be the removal of Stackable Spawners, Spawner rarity and shop design. We are aiming to have a more diverse economy over the coming months and Spawners will not provide that for us any longer.

Introducing Resourcepacks
Complex Survival 1.17 will debut with a Custom Resource Pack, a first on any Complex Gaming server.

We have decided to introduce a custom pack which must be installed on first join in order to play on Survival. If you deny the pack from being downloaded, you will be sent back to Hub with a prompt to install (no worries if you deny it, a link to a thread on how to get the prompt back will be sent to you)

Our custom resource pack comes with custom GUIs throughout the server and is used in many messages, and as survival continues to expand with features over the coming months we will introduce custom blocks and items for users to use.

Introducing Lands (our new claiming plugin)
With our new 1.17 server we have introduced a new claiming plugin to help improve accessibility with features, knowing which claim you are in and giving access to other players

Lands has a feature called “Area” - Where you can set an area inside a claim where certain players can build. This could be useful if you would like to give people access to a certain part of your base, but not your storage room

Entry Titles
Ever wanted to know if you’re definitely in your claim? You can now do so with Lands! When you walk into a claim it will tell you the name and title.

One issue current survival suffers from is people claiming too close to other people's claims. With our new plugin, it will not allow you to claim within 200 blocks of another person's claim, preventing the need to make tickets with land locations. If you are planning to claim next to a friend, please open a ticket and an admin will set it up for you.

Having issues with the new claiming system? Visit /help and check out the claim guide or contact one of our staff members who will be happy to assist

Introducing Pouches
Pouches were introduced to Skyblock in Season 10 and are now debuting in Survival. These “Mini-Crates” give a random amount of whatever is inside.

Pouches will be available as rewards in Cluescrolls, Crates & more!

Chat Emotes
Our new Resource-pack has enabled us to add emoticons to chat, which will be accessible for donator ranks at the beginning and other ranks later on. We will be releasing with 12 emotes on release:
View attachment 255


We have added a web-accessible map to Survival, showcasing the overworld to all. This map will go live day of reset for you to view and scout out the best area to find. It will also show users online the server at any time and show map updates live (so if you made a massive crater, it would show up on map).

This map also works with our new Claiming Plugin to show which areas are claimed to ensure you don’t run/fly to an area just for it to be claimed!

New CasinoView attachment 262
On Survival, we have created our own casino for everyone to play. For initial opening, we will have Coinflip and Rock-Paper-Scissors available to play.

Compete for the top ranks in Casino, including Most Wins, Most Games, Highest Winrate & more!

New PlayerWarpsView attachment 264
We believed the old warps system was messy and hard to maintain, and sometimes we had to remove players warps for events, which was less than ideal. Our new PlayerWarps system allows us to have serverwarps and playerwarps separate, while still having a single /warps system.

This system splits both sets of warps into their own categories. PlayerWarps can then be sorted or chosen in the gui based on a few factors, including:

New Daily Rewards
New Daily Rewards are being introduced into Survival for Members and Donator ranks, which can be redeemed from our NPC at spawn (/dailies) → you will receive a message in chat when your Daily Rewards are ready to be claimed.

Introducing Cluescrolls

We are introducing the Cluescrolls system from Skyblock on Survival! They are both quests for you to complete on our server. Cluescrolls are shorter and give more rewards depending on the complexity of the scroll. Clue Scrolls will be obtainable via Crates, and in the future daily rewards!

  • New Spawn
  • Fixed key Ids changing when relogging
  • Fixed a number of issues when doing things in peoples claims
  • Created a number of new GUIs, including Help and warps
  • Removed Stackable spawners
  • Changed Enderchests back to normal vanilla ECs and made /vaults for Donator Ranks
  • Introduced a warning when using /rtp with confirmations
  • Removed CropHoppers in favour of Upgradeable Hoppers
  • Re-introduced Daily Rewards
  • Introduced Emotes in chat
  • Introduced a new shop plugin
  • Introduced Spawn Zoning, where later on this will form a larger part of our new gameplay mechanics
  • Added Pouches
  • Changed /warps to have server-warps and player-warps separated, and introduced custom guis
  • Added Cluescrolls
  • Removed old Quest System
  • Reworked Crates and gave keys custom textures
  • New Economy
  • Many, many bug fixes
  • Added your current position to the bossbar (Claim, Wilderness or Spawn)
  • Many other smaller feature remakes and redesigns
04 Jun

Complex Vanilla is proud to announce our newest offering of Skyblock which will be releasing on the 12th of June. Boasting features never seen before on Complex Gaming, a complete economy overhaul and redesign of our server. Make sure to read this whole post to see what we have created for this new map!

Skyblock Map 10 will be released on 12th June 2021 @ 2 PM EST. Join us at hub.mc-complex.com!

Server Redesign (New Spawn, Islands & More!)
The Skyblock server has undergone a complete overhaul since our last reset, with a brand new Aquatic theme from our favorite underwater sponge!

This includes a brand-new “Bikini Bottom” styled spawn and four new Island Schematics: Squidward, Spongebob, Patrick’s houses, or the classical Skyblock Island! Every in-game message has also been given a brand new color scheme and reformat.

Economy Overhaul
The economy has been a large part of the new Skyblock Map, where previously, Balance TOP was in the billions. We have re-designed the server's economy from the ground up to be sustainable over a longer period of time without extreme inflation.

We have compiled an Economy Sheet, which can be viewed here to get an idea of where to make money on the next map!

The new economy also comes with some smaller tweaks, the main ones being the introduction of custom drops (listed on the economy sheet above) and Pistons no longer moving farmable crops (predominantly sugarcane, bamboo, melons, and pumpkins).

Introducing Harvester Tools
Harvester Tools are a new method of making money actively and will be available in the new map in a variety of ways including crates and clue scrolls.

Harvester Tools are targeted for a certain crop and have a number of levels. Level up your tool by breaking a certain amount of the crop. Each Level increase will increase the sale price of that crop when you use this tool!

For example, with a Sugarcane Harvester Tool, Level 1 will sell Sugarcane for $6, after mining 3000 Sugarcane, it will increase to Level 2 which will make the selling price $8.

Introducing End Islands (+ per-world origins)
End Islands have been added onto the server and come with the benefit of an upgraded Cobblestone Generator and 2x Drops on Endermites. Through its own /is upgrade this cobblestone generator can be made significantly more OP than the standard cobblestone generator available in the overworld.

Introducing Pouches
Pouches have been added to Skyblock which are “mini-crates”. These will give you a random amount of whatever is inside when placed on a Pouch Unlock Point at spawn.

These pouches will be used more regularly as rewards through Achievements, Cluescrolls, VoteParty, Crates & more!

Introducing Achievements
Achievements have been added as a longer-term goals system on Complex Skyblock. With over 400 available from launch, these will act as a quick-and-easy way to gain Crystals, but also to try and complete them all!

Achievements range from simple tasks (like crafting) to more complex tasks (like trading with villagers) and will have something for everyone to complete. Achievements can be accessed via /achievements

Revamp of the Crystals Economy
The Crystals economy has had a revamp and is now a per-player economy which will mean it is used more often and should have a higher value than previously. Crystals are no longer linked to islands as they were previously and can be transferred in and out of the island using /is bank. Crystals are still used for /is upgrades.

This new Crystals Economy is also a replacement for Mobcoins which has been removed from Skyblock this map. You can receive crystals by killing selective hostile mobs on the server and they can be used at the Blackmarket which spawns every week.

Crystals can also be gained through Achievements and Pouches.

Introducing /fund System
/fund has been added to the server! This creates community goals to unlock core components of the server at the beginning of the reset and slows down progression just a tad. Everyone must work as a team to unlock each milestone.

/fund is also used within Cluescrolls as a quest, where you must contribute in order to complete the scroll. A fund TOP is also available at the Banker at Spawn.

Introducing Monthly Crates
Each month, we will be releasing a unique crate on Skyblock called a “Monthly Crate” - These crates have SUPER OP gear in them and you will get a range of items, not just one!

The first Monthly Crate will be the SPONGEBOB CRATE and will be available from release. Make sure you pick one up from our store on the Skyblock launch!

New Quests: Cluescrolls
We are adding Cluescrolls to Skyblock, a form of quest which gives OP Rewards. These will be available from Crates and also daily rewards (which will be added back to Complex Gaming soon).

Cluescrolls are split into three tiers; Common, Special, and Legendary. Common being the least valuable and Legendary being the most valuable.

  • AutoTrasher has been removed and instead has been replaced with Upgradeable Hoppers
  • Simplified the Island Creation System
  • Fixed bugs regarding Island Permissions
  • Crates have been rebranded to be aquatic: “Jellyfish”, “Barracuda”, “Megalodon”
  • Island COOPs have been made permanent
  • Island COOPs will bypass Island Lock
  • Homes have been readded to the server
  • Implemented new menus throughout the server
  • Improved /is help and added hover descriptions for all commands
  • Changed Crystals to be a per-user economy
  • Introduced /is bank, where your island can store EXP, Money, and Crystals
  • Introduced /is chest log and /is bank log to see who withdraws/takes items from them
  • The BlackMarket now appears once per week on Saturday until Sunday
  • The BlackMarket shop has been reconfigured to be more suitable for our new economy
  • /balance now displays Money and Crystal balances
  • Pistons will no longer break Sugarcane, Bamboo, Pumpkins or Melons
  • Smooth Stone was added to the shop
  • Honey was added to the shop
  • The old quests system has been temporarily removed from Skyblock while it is revamped in a much more suitable fashion for the economy
  • The shop was given a visual overhaul
  • Stacked Spawners have been removed from the server and a set Island Limit of 150 spawners has been added
  • Island Worth Blocks now have the same value as the selling price in /shop
  • Pandas have been given Slime balls as a custom Drop
  • Hoglins and Piglins always drop gold when killed
  • Villagers have been given a custom drop of Diamonds and have a 2x Drop Rate in the overworld
  • Silverfish have been given a custom drop of Emeralds and have a 2x Drop Rate in the nether
  • Endermite will now drop Netherite and have a 2x Drop Rate in the end
  • A range of permissions and perks have been added to the donator ranks, including: /god, Keep EXP on Death, Extra Homes, /xpbottle, /ext, /beezooka, and many more
  • The Nether (and end) have been made locked when the server first opens. This must be unlocked through /is upgrade
  • The server no longer supports versions less than 1.16 in order to play, this is due to the increasing number of 1.16 gameplay mechanics which are being implemented and are not backward compatible.
  • VoteParty has been added back to the scoreboard
  • Dozens of small server optimizations have been made to make the player experience smoother
  • CropHoppers have been replaced with Upgradeable Hoppers. Upgradeable Hoppers have the ability to whitelist/blacklist materials, collect in a radius, and more!
22 Feb

The management team at Complex Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of our new Survival map. This map is a revamp from the last map with dozens of bug fixes and new features to keep you guys entertained. Survival will be releasing on the 5th March @ 2PM EST.

Pets - from a range of pets from Baby Ghasts to Wasps, pets are now accessible by using /pets in-game. You can summon, ride, rename, and disguise as pets!
Tags - with over 100 tags possible to be earned and purchased, you can now get a second tag which will go alongside your rank prefix and username!
Emotes - if you've ever wanted to show your emotions in-game, this is an easier and much cooler way! Why not try /emotes when you're online.
Daily Rewards - we are now offering players daily rewards to be claimed for all players, earn better rewards the longer you can keep your streak! This goes up to 31 days at a time.
Tutorial - running /tutorial will provide you with a free reward upon first starting, as well as guiding you around the new server.
Sumo - sumo will occur every 3 hours for players to battle each other out in a sumo arena.
Resource Cavern - who needs mineshafts when you can find all the ores in the resource cavern? Not you! Try out this new warp to mine regenerating ores.
& Much, much more! - We have been putting in masses amounts of time and effort to make sure as many bugs as possible have been fixed. Do any new ones occur? Report them to us and we will have them fixed!

survival reset.png
12 Jan
Welcome to Complex Gaming Vanilla Hazzaaa
Welcome to Complex Vanilla!
Welcome to the Complex Vanilla Forum website! Here, you can discuss topics regarding to Vanilla and the Complex Vanilla server! You may also make Staff Applications, Ban Appeals and Bug reports here on the forums! Please do not hesitate to also use our help and support threads, if you need any assistance on the Complex Vanilla Server!

IP Addresses and Useful Links
US IP hub.mc-complex.com
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Complex Vanilla is hosting 5 different types of servers! Prison, Creative, Survival, Skyblock, & Factions.
Skyblock and Survival are on Minecraft Java 1.16.3.
Prison and Creative are on Minecraft Java 1.16.4.
Factions is on 1.16.5.
Unfortunately we are only a Java Minecraft server, we do not host or accept any Pocket Edition or Bedrock clients!
Java Edition is downloadable and purchasable at: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/

Suggestions and Bug Reports
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If you'd like to post a bug report, click here to make a forum post about it!
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