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[⭐] Allowed Game Modifications

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Game Modifications
What client sided mods do we allow on the Complex-Vanilla Gaming Network?

Over the past few years there have been a lot of mods which have been created to give players an advantage overs. This thread covers what mods you will be allowed to use on the network. Mods which aren't listed are not allowed. We highly recommend that you follow this thread to ensure that we have a balance game-play for all users.

Please Notice
Read through

All modifications that are on this list were fully checked before they were added. We did this to ensure that they followed the rules of the network. If a modification has been updated since this thread has been posted and it includes any new or changed features, it may no longer follow the rules of the network and will be disallowed.

If you are unsure if a modification is allowed then please ask a staff member and they will let you know weather it is allowed or not. If a staff member is not online at the time then we suggest that you leave it until we have confirmed that you can use it. Please also note that using modifications listed and not listed are to be used at your own risk.

Modification Guidelines
What is and isn't allowed?

The best thing to remember when selecting a something that will edit your client is, any modification that allows you to have an advantage over other users is not allowed. Modifications that changes the way your user or client sends data to the server is also not allowed! This is even included if the mod is in the allowed section.

Categories of Allowed Modifications
► Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. Optifine)
► Aesthetic modifications (e.g. Shaders)
► Armor and Effect Status HUD modifications.
► Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
► Minimap modifications (Must not display players or entities)

Any other modifications that are not listed here will be treated as disallowed.

Allowed Modifications
Mods you're allowed to use

Armor & Effect Status
Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, 5Zig, Badlion.
• Client modifications which add armor and/or potion effects to the Minecraft GUI. Please note that if it displays another users health it is not allowed.

Minimap (With Restrictions)
• Modifications that include a minimap to your GUI, usually in a corner of the screen. When having a minimap mod, it must not display anything but the map of the terrain around you.

• Modifications that are used mainly to improve client FPS.

Sonic Ethers, Chocapic, Kuda, etc.
• A visual modification. A Mod that allows you the have a more aesthetic feeling to the game. Used by most players as it always makes a build look stunning.

F3+B (Default Minecraft)
Hit box tool
• This is apart of default Minecraft. It allows you to have player, mob, entities, etc. hitboxes displayed on your screen. It can be activated and disabled using F3+B
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