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[⭐] [Creative] Arceon Building Tools

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Retired Manager
Below I listed the features of Arceon, a premium build plugin created by Arcaniax.
The tools are ordered from Builder to Master, Masks and Patterns can be used by everyone.
Tools which do not have a rank listed in brackets, can be used by everyone. Work your way up to access more tools :)
FastAsyncWorldEdit, VoxelSniper, goBrush and goPaint are available for everyone, type /tools to gather all the required items.
Click the header of the tool, mask or pattern to see an example image how it can look like.

YGradient: #ygradient <min> <max> -> Min and max values are the Y coordinate
Crack: #crack[zoom=1][coverage=50%][jitter=70%]
Cell: #cell[zoom=1][coverage=50%][jitter=70%]
Ambient: #ambient[min=2]
Type: #type [block type]
Voronoi: #voronoi [zoom=1] [jitter=50%]
Fractal: #fractal [zoom=1] [coverage=50%]
Above: #above[mask] -> Masks all blocks above a certain mask
Below: #below[mask] -> Masks all blocks below a certain mask
Y: #y[min][max] -> Masks all blocks between the min and max height

Voronoi: #voronoi[zoom=1]
Fractal: #fractal[zoom=1][coverage=50%]
dp: #dp[data] -> Double plant pattern

Stacks the last block of a shape in the direction you are looking (supports horizontal)
//smear [amount] [direction]

Replaces all blocks which are not visible to you, works well with #darken.
//shadow <block>

Boulder Brush
/brush boulder <block> [size] [amount] [height] [width]
Block = Worldedit Pattern
Size = diameter of the rock
Amount = smoothness from 0 to 5 (0 is low poly)
Height = height of the rock
Width = width of the rock
-h flag makes the rocks hollow
-f makes the rocks "fall" to the ground
-a makes the rocks angled based on your orientation

Crop Brush (Experienced+)
/brush crop <size> <min> [max]
Min and max data values between 0 and 8.

Text Tool (Experienced+)
//font [font]
If you want to use unicode for the text use the font "unicode"
//text <block> <size> <text>
Use 155 or quartzblock for the system to use slabs for more detailing
-c flag cycles the font after each use.

Loft tool (Experienced+)
The lofting tool uses paper as tool!
//loft clear
Clears the loft selection
//loft remove
Removes the last point of your selection
//loft frame
Creates a new frame in your loft selection
//loft point
Creates a new frame in your loft selection
-p flag makes it a low poly loft
-o flag makes it only draw the outline unless [count] is specified
-c flag to connect edges smoothly together
-d flag to stack down to the floor
Click here for an example:
River Tool (Experienced+)
Uses convex selection.
//river <block> <start> <end> [decline]
Start and end are the depth.
Decline is the steepness of the edges of the river (default = 1).
-s flag smooths out the liquid or snow layers
-n flag adds noise to the river shape

Roof Tool (Experienced+)
Uses convex and cuboid selections.
//roof <width> <height>
-n flag adds noise to the spike shape
-d flag stacks down the roof shape
-b flag adds a level to start and the end of the roof shape

Rope Tool (Experienced+)
Creates a rope or bridge between your 2 selected points.
//rope <block> [extraLength%] [width]

Road Tool (Experienced+)
Uses convex selection
//road <block> <width> [height ]
-n flag adds noise to the road shape
-f flag stacks down the road shape

Spike Tool (Experienced+)
Uses convex selection
//spike <block> <size1> <size2> [size3]
If 3 sizes are used size2 will be the middle size
-n flagg adds noise to the spike shape

Type Replacer (Experienced+)
Uses cuboid selection and replaces one block type to another one.
//typereplace [from] [to]
-f flag prevents fences and fence gates to be replaced.
-b flag prevents regular blocks to be replaced.
-d flag prevents double and smooth slabs to be replaced.

Asset placer (Master+)
//assetplacer save [name]
//assetplacer load [name]
//assetplacer remove [name]
Allows you to easily place down assets in any direction.
Alias: //ap

Render Tool (Master+)
//render on your selection
It works better with larger builds in your private world or on merged plots

Vine Brush (Master+)
//brush vine <block> [size] [chance] [min][,[max]]
Chance = place chance in percentage
Min and Max = vine length

Terrain generator Tool (Master+)
Uses cuboid, sphere, cylinder and poly selections.
//terragen [noiseType] [height] [zoom] [wave] [pattern]
Possible noise types:
Simplex, Fractal, Billowy, Ridged, Euclidean, Natural and Poly
-v flag adds a vignette mask over the terragen which smooths out the edges.
-e flag layers it on top of existing terrain.
Usable on Euclidean, Manhattan and Natural:
-r flag randomizes the cellular noises.
Usable on Fractal, Billowy and Ridged:
-n flag adds more noise.
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