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Creative Buildcompetition [April/May]

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Hey folks!

We are looking forward to host a build competition on our Creative server soon again.

Getting Started
Navigate to the Creative server using the compass if you are at the hub or use /servers if you are already on a vanilla game server.
Type "/comp" to get to the competition world. Once you are there you can type "/new" to claim a competition plot.
You can build solo only, which means you are not allowed to trust or add anyone to the plot.

The Theme
Urban Living

Time frame
The competition begins Sunday the 26th April 2020 at 3 PM GMT and ends on Sunday 17th of May 2020 at 9 PM GMT.

First place: $125 USD
Second place: $70 USD
Third place: $50 USD

Prizes are awarded via PayPal only. Winners must open a ticket on discord within 7 days after the winners are announced and claim their prize or it will be forfeited.

What are the plot dimensions?

The plot size is 251x251. The plot borders are smooth stone slabs if the plot is unclaimed and will change to sandstone slabs if the plot is claimed.

How do I submit my plot?
You don't. We will review the competition plots if the competition ends, no need to submit anything.
Not open for further replies.