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Faction Permissions

Is there a link for a comprehensive explanation of every faction permission? I can't figure out which factions plugin is being used. I would like to know what the following does exactly:

  • tntfill
  • tntbank
  • drain
  • territory
  • sethome
  • items
  • access
  • vault
  • spawner
  • check


New member
Here are the ones I'm sure about:
- tntfill and tntbank
Basically, each faction has a TNT bank in which they can store TNT using commands /f tnt (take or add) (# amount).
Example; "/f tnt take 576" will withdraw 9 stacks of TNT from your bank.
This allows for you to fill dispensers around you in a given radius using /f tntfill (block radius) (# of TNT in EACH dispenser).
Example; "/f tntfill 5 64" will deposit 64 TNT to ALL dispensers around you within a 5 block radius. Note: 32 is the max range.

- drain
Doesn't matter, server has it disabled.

- sethome
Decides whether or not someone can use /f sethome. This doesn't pertain to the normal /sethome command.

- access
Decides whether or not someone can open chests in claimed territory.

- vault
Decides whether or not someone has access to /f vault. You'll first need to purchase a vault by doing /f getvault, it's either $25k or $50k, I don't remember. It's a single chest that has to be placed in faction territory and can be accessed remotely with /f vault, though it is buggy so sometimes it'll not be openable if you're too far away from it or using the command cross-dimensions (end/nether/overworld/PVP arena).

- spawner
Decides whether or not you can break spawners in claimed territory.

As for the rest, I'm not 100% sure but you can search this up (taken from /f version)