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Vanilla Creative spawn broken, keeps crashing


New member
(moved from off-topic, there doesn't seem to be a delete option so I had to post this here and edit the old post)
My friend Co0o0orn fell into the void at my plot and now their game keeps crashing after they tried to respawn and now whenever they try to even join creative. I decided to type "/spawn" to see if they were stuck at spawn, however it just brought me to some broken area that I fell through followed by a game crash. Now every time I try to join creative, it just crashes. My friend only joined a few days ago and they were able to get around fine, so I have no idea what happened to spawn recently, but it's gamebreaking and it needs to be fixed. We just spent several hours on a fun build all for it to go to waste due to a nasty bug.


Greetings! we're aware of this and I can assure you me and the team and actively working on resolving this as soon as possible. 😄