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    I believe that I meet every of the requirements needed to apply.

    1: My minecraft username is NEOQUARTEX.

    2:Neoquartex #7857, im on Stone Block 2 all the time.

    4:I know just enough i believe, I have gathered intel from reading wiki's and watching micecraft youtubers go through the FTB modpacks.

    5: I would immediately call them out, tell them to calm down and relax, give them a warning.
    Another warning.
    If it happened again, I would time them out if possible.
    If it happens once more, I would proceed to ban them.

    6:Give them no chances and ban them, since they keep ruining the playing experience.

    7: I don't know what is good enough to be put here, but I'll try. I will interact with players as soon as i see they need help. I will answer everything i can. I will be on most of the time.

    8: I am on six hours a day, which leads to 42 hours per week.

    9: I am very passionate in what I do, and I will try my hardest in everything I do. I will try not let down anybody. I also want to give every one the best experience possible.

    10:Central Daylight Time, I'm usually on in the mornings, more towards the afternoons and later on.

    11:I want to have a job, I want to be useful, I want to give a player the best experience possible so that they can have an amazing time and they can come back. Finally, I want a job that I can enjoy every day, and a job I can come back to and dedicate hours to.

    Thanks for reading this so much.

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