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[⭐] Complex Vanilla Factions Rules

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Note: With joining the network you agree that you read, understand, and follow the rules.
You found someone who doesn't follow the rules? Report them here
All rules stated to apply to all players, regardless of their playtime, rank, donation rank, or other identifiers.
The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time, make exceptions under any circumstances and enforce the rules at their own discretion.

The following rules are Factions specific, for a list of full network rules you will also need to follow CLICK HERE

1) No Botting
  • We do not allow bots of any kind on our server, though we do allow up to 3 alts per player. You can add up to 4 alts total to your faction through /f alt invite.
2) No Insiding / Betrayals
  • We do not allow inside, backstabbing or betraying of any kind. This will be enforced by staff, when joining a faction you are joining under the assumption that you are there to help them grow, and win the season. If you are seen trying to inside people all of your alts/main account + your faction will all be given strict punishments. If you are kicked or leave a faction you must wait 48 hours to assist in a raid against your old faction, this includes raiding them yourselves or giving out information. (ie: coordinates,etc)

    Note: Insiding only counts as betraying a faction that you are apart of. Breaking up of Allies/Truces between factions is not against the rules and not something we will moderate.
2) No Glitching of Any Kind
  • Glitching is not allowed in any shape or form, this includes but not limited to:
    • Ender pearl glitching.
    • Freehanding creeper eggs into bases.
    • Boat Glitching
    • Use of Frost Walker in order to raid.
    • Glitching under/through bedrock.
    • Border glitching.
    • Bypassing the automatic kick from bases after logging out for over one hour.
    • Use of /tntfill in other factions land.
    • Use of a fishing rod to bring people into PVP
    • Use of a bow from spawn to kill players in PVP
Note: Any other forms of glitching will be enforced by the staff team at their own discretion.

3) Misc. Rules
  • No waterlogging blocks
  • No "Bitch Claiming" -- A Bitch claim can be defined as claiming within the 10 chunk buffer limit of an another faction. If someone in your faction is Bitch Claim under your faction's behalf, the Leader will be punished.
  • No alternate ways to glitch out of combat, If you are combat tagged and you leave combat you will be punished.
  • Making alt factions under alt accounts to claim multiple FTOP prizes is strictly forbidden.
  • Placing unbreakable blocks of any kind to make your base unraidable is strictly forbidden.
  • Personal insults towards other players are not allowed. (anything that is a personal attack to another player, and not normal trash talking)
  • No impersonating another member/faction under any circumstance. This includes our discord/ingame.
  • Nether Portal raids are not allowed.
4) Base Rules
  • A max buffer limit of 10 chunks can be around a base.
  • Bases can be a maximum of 10x10 chunks or 25,600 blocks, This is not including your buffer which is a maximum of 10 chunks.
  • Walls being used as raid defense are not allowed inside of your 10x10 Base Claim.
  • If you have multiple bases, they can not be closer than a minimum of 10 chunks from another base of yours. This includes all of your allied factions.
  • No TOWNING. Towning is not allowed and you can not claim around allies to extend your raid distance, or the raid distance of an ally. You must have a 8x8 claim radius between another base of yours, or any of your allies.
5) Client Modifications
  • No Macros / Scripting / client or hard modifications - This includes:
    • Printer
    • CPS Boosters
    • Freecam
    • ESP or any other forms of x-ray
    • Kill Aura/Mob Aura, Autocrit, Anti-knockback, Reach, Auto-Armor Equip, etc.
Anything else which grants an unfair advantage is also against our rules.
  • You are not allowed to use an alt account to evade a punishment on another account.
  • The usage of alternate accounts/allies/etc. to benefit from events is strictly prohibited.
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