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[⭐] Complex Vanilla Network Rules

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Note: With joining the network you agree that you read, understand and will follow the rules.
You found someone who doesn't follow the rules? Report them here or on our discord!
All rules stated apply to all players, regardless their playtime, rank, or any other identifiers.
The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time, make exceptions under any circumstances and enforce the rules at their own discretion.

The following rules apply to all servers, if not otherwise specified
  1. Keep all chats/chatting appropriate. Do not discuss anything PG rated, controversial, or political.
  2. Keep everything nameable ingame appropriate. eg. (player warps, faction names, item names, nicknames, pets, paintings etc)
  3. Swearing is allowed but within reason. Do not overuse swear words and NEVER use swear words directed at other players.
  4. Be respectful with ALL players & staff under all circumstances.
  5. Do not spam in anyway, or attempt bypass our spam filters. eg. (signs, chat, commands, etc)
  6. Do not harass, bully, or threaten any players or staff.
  7. Racism, Discrimination, or any form of Hate Speech is explicitly not tolerated.
  8. Do not advertise, link, or promote any services that are not related to Complex Gaming.
  9. Inappropriate Skins/Capes are not allowed. eg, (racist skin, naked lady skin etc)
  10. Only use ENGLISH in main chat. If you want to use another language please use /msg.
  11. Do not Teleport Trap/Kill players. [Excluding Factions/Hardcore]
  12. No hacked clients/illegal mods. eg, (killaura, reach, xray etc)
  13. Do not use modification functions of keyboards and mouses for an increased advantage. (Autoclicking, etc)
  14. Do not abuse bugs/exploits/glitches. These should be reported to staff through discord.
  15. Do not AFK MINE or FARM. Any form of macros/auto clickers will result in punishment.
  16. Do not scam other players. If you commit to a deal/trade you must hold up your end of the deal.
  17. Do not make inappropriate builds.
  18. Do not impersonate staff members, or pretend to be a rank you are not.
  19. Do not camp claimed areas of other players. This includes Islands/Claims/Builds etc.
  20. Do not reveal private information of any player other than yourself.
  21. Do not GRIEF other players, claims, or the world. GRIEFING of any kind is not tolerated.
  22. Do not STEAL from other players, or unclaimed builds. [Excluding Factions/Hardcore]
  23. Exchanging items for any currency other than for items or giftcards through our store (https://store.mc-complex.com/) is strictly forbidden.
  24. Do not BEG staff members for items, events, updates, punishments, etc. - Staff members are capable of the aforementioned of their own accord, but do not harass them for such things.
  25. Do not BYPASS punishments by any means (i.e. using alternate accounts, abusing in-game commands/items, etc.).
  26. Account sharing is NOT allowed in any circumstance.
  27. NOTE: If you lose items for any reason ranging from server bugs/outages, scams, lag etc. We require full screenshots / videos, with zero cropping/editing of the picture / video.
  28. NOTE: We do not support loans in any capacity, If you loan out an item(and/or) money or other valuables out you are assuming all risk and responsibility.
NOTE: If you are caught punishment evading on alt accounts, you will get your alts banned, and your punishment increased on your main account.

The following rules apply to our Survival Servers
  1. Do not claim along the borders of other claims for the sole purpose of preventing them from expanding. There needs to be at least a 2 chunk buffer between claims.
  2. Do not bypass our Spawner Efficiency limits. ie: 4 Grinders 5 Chunks apart of the same spawner type. This is up to staff discretion.
The following rules apply to our Prison Server
  1. Loans are NOT supported by staff, If you give out a loan and the player does not pay you back that is on you.
  2. We do NOT allow inside, backstabbing or betraying of any kind. This will be enforced by staff, when joining a gang you are joining under the assumption that you are there to help them grow, and win /gang top.
The following rules apply to Faction Server
  1. Factions Rules (Click Here)
The following rules applies to our Skyblock Server
  1. You may only be able to compete for 1 PVP TOP island until your cooldown to switch islands is up.
  2. You may not leave your main PVP TOP to PVP for a solo island while your main island teams and protects you. This is bypassing only pvping for one island and allowing you to claim multiple spots on the PVP TOP leaderboard.
  3. You may team up with other islands as long as there legit teams, and not alt islands. This is up to staff discretion.
  4. You may only compete for 1 IS TOP island. If you would like to change the island you are competing on for the month, you must leave any other IS TOP islands.
Please Note: Due to Prolonged Amounts of Inactivity and Lag Prevention, 6+ Months of Inactivity will result in an Automatic Island Wipe.

Alt Specific Rules

Alts are not banned on Complex-Gaming Vanilla Servers. However, they are heavily restricted. Alts should only be used for AFK'ing. This can help you keep chunks loaded/active. eg. farms/mob grinders etc


  • Using alts to AFK your spawners/mob grinders.
  • Using alts to AFK your farms/villager farms.
  • Using your alt to bypass limits, such as:
    • Island Minion Limit
    • Island Spawner Limit
    • Claiming Around your Base (using extra faction power) in a faction which is not your own)
    • Spawner Efficiency
  • Using your alt to redeem one-time rewards
  • Using your alt to redeem daily or recurring rewards, including Vote Keys or Daily Rewards, Prestige Rewards (Prison Only).
  • Using your alt to automatically perform commands that aren't related to teleportation.
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